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Building or buying a new home is no doubt the biggest financial decision in your life. Before you start talking house plans and mortgage repayments, you really need to get good solid un-biased answers to all of your budget, home finance or property investment questions. We use our extensive knowledge and experience of the mortgage industry to connect our clients with a home loan to suit their personal needs. We then coordinate all of the paperwork and communication to ensure the loan application and approval process is a smooth one.

Construction Home Loans

There is a lot more to sourcing, applying and processing a construction home loan than a standard home loan. This is why it is so important to deal with a broker who understands the most suitable products, structures and most importantly that can advise on the traps to avoid for this specialised loan purpose. As specialists in this area, we use our extensive knowledge and experience, ccoordinate all of the paperwork and commit to communication to ensure the construction loan process is a smooth one for our clients.

First Home Buyers

We help First Home Buyers / Builders with unbiased home loan advice, mortgage pre-approvals, loan settlements, understanding home loan options and sourcing the best home loan solutions for each of our clients' needs. We manage communications between the client, finance provider and lawyer; and also assist first home buyer clients with understanding any applicable grants, out-of-pocket expenses they may incur, and loan product terms and usability.

Home Loan Refinancing

Whether you may be looking for a better deal on your existing home loan or wanting a product offering with particular features that better suits your needs, we can assist you. With our extensive experience and access to over 30 lenders we will save you all of the hassles and provide unbiased advice on home loan products that may be beneficial to switch to and the process involved in switching loans.

Property Investment

We assist clients with guidance on investment loan structuring to maximise tax benefits and pay off your home sooner, advice on the benefits of building a new investment vs. buying an established property, as well discussions about the out-of-pocket expenses to be expected with property investment.

Personal & Car Loans

We can help you source finance solutions for that new set of wheels, debt consolidation to take control of your finances, or just about any personal purpose. Advice is provided on whether a secured or unsecured loan structure would be more suitable for your requirements, and decisions are provided fast with straight-forward application processes.
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Meet The Team

Rob Frew

Rob Frew

Broker & Home Loan Specialist

Rob Frew has over 13 years experience in acquiring finance for building, buying, or investing in property.

As a specialist in first home builder construction loans I work closely with the builder and your choice of over 30 lenders we have available to ensure a smooth transition to building your new home.



Home Loan Finance Assistant

Donna supports Rob (the home loan broker) with management of client documents. Donna is also the client liaison to ensure that your mortgage application process is smooth.

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What Our Clients Say

We came to work with Salt & Pepper Home Loans through a recommendation from Grady Homes.

Rob Frew was always available to help us with our many enquiries and willing to meet with us after work to fit in with our schedules. We would highly recommend Salt & Pepper Home Loans.

We would highly recommend Salt & Pepper Home Loans

Andrew & Emma, Home Builders, Townsville 2016

We were completely satisfied with the service. It has been such a great experience working together with Rob. We wouldn’t be building our first home without all of his support in applying for the home loan. He definitely made what seems like a daunting process, a complete breeze. We can’t thank you enough.

He definitely made a daunting process, a complete breeze

He definitely made a daunting process, a complete breeze

Hayley & Craig Wright, First Home Buyers, March 2015

Rob and Donna have been exceptional and amazing! No one that we had spoken to about owning our own home has even come close to helping us achieve that and we had spoken to a few different companies who specialize in home loans.

The knowledge that was presented to us and support was phenomenal. The support and guidance even since having our loan approved has been amazing. I don’t know how we would have coped going elsewhere. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In the future we will definitely be returning to speak with Robert about investment products and services.

The knowledge that was presented to us and support was phenomenal

The knowledge that was presented to us and support was phenomenal

Belinda & Phil Jobst, First Home Buyers, Feb 2015

I chose to work with Salt & Pepper Home Loans through a recommendation from Grady Homes.

There was nothing wrong with their service. I wasn’t actually expecting the result you guys got for us. Very satisfied……Thanks.

Very Satisfied

Peter Stanley, Townsville 2016

Loved your service because you were the friendly and most welcome loan people, and you gave us the most out of the experience and feed us a lot of info.

You helped us to your best and gave us more info than needed so we knew everything …. BIG THANKS.

Friendly and experienced

First Home Builder, Townsville, 2016

I knew the reputation that Rob & Donna had and after meeting with them, I realised that all of what I had heard was 100% true and that no-one else compares to the service that they provide.

I couldnt recommend Rob & Donna enough. Rob Frew is a wealth of knowledge and i have complete trust in him. I will continue to recommend Salt & Pepper to everyone that I know.

No-one else compares

Jemma, Townsville 2016

I came to Salt & Pepper Home Loans through a recommendation from Grady Homes.

I can’t fault the process or the service. Rob & Donna made it so simple, they were efficient, and there was no stress.

Simple, Efficient, No Stress

Samantha Rodgers, Townsville 2016

(When sourcing home loan finance) First question should be “When can I get in to see Rob Frew?” and then there aren’t really any more questions because he is just so brilliant and knowledgeable!

Just so brilliant and knowledgeable!

Just so brilliant and knowledgeable!

Willow Jobst, First Home Builder, June 2015

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